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M!A: None

Mun follows the kothisbd tag.
~will RP with anyone (see rules)~

Status: [ MENTAL: ??? . . . ] [ PHYSICAL: 54% ]
The Nemesis plushie will emit a calming EM whenever Knockout is upset. It mimics Nemesis' EM.

He now sports scratches all over his frame from self-inflicted injury, as well as dents. All of the scratches are fresh, and some fairly deep, especially on his chassis and arms.

Knockout has accumulated a little collection of things.

Megatronus is currently his "master" of sorts after being bought by him from Starsweeper, who found him to be no use for studies.

swiggity swage mun is of age

This RPer took the Roleplay Anti-Hate Pledge

rain from hapiemu.net

Practice Makes Fabulous by *Laserbot
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Practice Makes Fabulous by *Laserbot